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Personal Dental Care

Personal Dental Care
Frequent and careful tooth brushing and flossing will help to prevent calculus(tartar) and build-up of Plague, which can even lead to cavities. 

Cavities can be a bit costly in terms of monetary cost to drill out this and insert dental fillings, also in terms of the tissue (groups of cells) which is already damaged.

Chewing gums will assists in oral irrigation between and around the teeth, removing and cleaning dirty particles. Especially for teeth in bad condition it may even remove or damage loose fillings as well
Personal Dental care tools or special appliances may be receommended as to supplement flossing and tooth brushing. 

These includes water irrigation, special toothpicks or other devices. Initially electric tooth brushes were recommended only for persons having problems with dexterity or strength of their hands, but dentists are now suggesting them to many other patients to improve home dental care.

Natural tooth brushes are widely used in many parts of the word. In the world of Muslim the siwak or Miswak is made from roots or twigs that is supposed to have an anti-septic effect when applied as toothbrush.

Dental hygienist or dentist recommends anti-plaque (tartar control), or fluride containing mouth washes or tooth brushes.

Retainers, dentures and other appliances must be kept clean. This includes brushing regularly and may also include soaking them using a cleansing solution.

Dentist or dental hygienists recommend having the teeth to be cleaned professionally every six months. Also more frequent cleaning and examining may be required during the treatment of many of the oral/dental disorders.


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